How to put some security guard-rails around your march to application maturity


As a Software company, you are not only responsible for your own security, but the safety of your client’s data. This means that while you develop software products and deliver them to the market as fast as possible, you need to ensure your SaaS product is secure and be able to show that to your client.

We've developed this comprehensive security roadmap that leverages the power of Microsoft Azure to enable Software companies to get a complete picture of their security and compliance while continuing to focus on what they do best. 

This eBook covers these key areas:

  • Our three-phased approach to maximising growth while managing security
  • Strengthening your Microsoft Azure infrastructure and Web Application security posture
  • Bringing strategic insight and oversight to your security challenges

A look inside this eBook

A comprehensive security ecosystem that allows Software companies to get smarter, go faster and be better

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Protecting your security and compliance posture in Azure

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Constantly monitor, alert and respond to security incidents

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Protect your product with continuous auditing and reporting

Further, faster, safer: a security roadmap for SaaS creators and Software companies


We understand how important it is for Software companies to focus their time and resources on application development. However, our extensive experience has shown us that all too often, the issue of security gets moved down the list of priorities, to make way for rapid delivery. Speed is, of course, essential for Software companies to remain relevant and competitive, which is why you need to stay focused on your product and your customers.

The objective of this eBook and our security solutions is to enable your organisation to get the complete picture of your security and compliance, while continuing to focus on what you do best.


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