How to maximise performance and optimise costs in Microsoft Azure

When it comes to the management and governance of a public cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, businesses often struggle to balance between capitalising on the innovation available while managing performance, availability, security and costs.

The realities of life as an ISV or SaaS provider mean that where focus should be spent - dealing with rapid growth and product demands - is wasted on the ‘technical noise’ of platform management.

Our eBook Cloud Platform Commandments discusses the common cloud challenges businesses face and offers commandments to follow to help you overcome them.

In short, this eBook covers:

  • Managing your release cycles so new features get to market quickly and efficiently with Azure DevOps
  • How to better manage the Azure platform and optimise your monthly spend - forever
  • Get the most from Microsoft Azure's security features like Azure Sentinel and Security Centre
  • How to automate your cloud platform to overcome performance and availability challenges
Cloud Platform eBook- Commandments

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