Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how to strengthen your Microsoft Azure infrastructure and Web Application security posture


Watch the recorded webinar with Parallo's Blair Corbett, Security Services Manager, and Michael Wheeler, Azure Business Development Manager, about managing security for your business while maximising growth.

We find that many SaaS and software creators and ISVs are so focused on releasing features and building revenue that platform and data security can take a back seat.

This session aims to provide your teams an outline for the ‘acceptable risk’ or ‘no risk’ frameworks and metrics needed to bolster your security.

In this webinar, we covered these key areas:

  • The relevance of security - the current landscape and the changing face of security as a result
  • The Parallo security journey – a look at our own journey and the outcomes we have achieved
  • The tools you need for a comprehensive security ecosystem - security and compliance posture reporting, Azure Sentinel, application security testing, vCISO services
  • Q&A with Blair and the team on all things security!

We also offered actionable tips for optimising and better managing your security architecture based on our experience working with other ISVs and SaaS businesses. 


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Event Speakers

Michael Wheeler Circle Headshot

Michael Wheeler

Azure Business Development Manager

Blair Corbett Circle Headshot

Blair Corbett

Security Services Manager