How to optimise your software’s development and deployment processes using proven DevOps strategies


As a Software company with limited resources, DevOps can offer streamlined solutions to traditional periodic software development and release approaches.

The method bridges the gap between different departments and eliminates communication bottlenecks to create a smoother application development and release process.

We have developed this eBook ‘Greasing the SaaS release pipeline’ to inform Software companies on the benefits DevOps enabled strategies that leverage the power of CI/CD pipelines in Microsoft Azure can offer them.

This eBook can help you:
  • Identify areas of friction in your current SaaS application delivery process
  • Evaluate proven DevOps strategies to enable rapid, high-performing releases
  • Implement scalable CI/CD pipelines to help reduce friction in your release management workflow
  • Identify the good, bad and must-have release management strategies for your Software company
  • Free yourself up to focus on success - the case for managed DevOps

A look inside this eBook

Work smarter, not harder; proven methods Software companies can use to grease the SaaS pipeline


Implement DevOps release strategies with proven step-by-step methods from Microsoft Azure


Transform your development processes and get key updates to end-users faster using continual development (CD) pipelines


Establish a consistent and automated way to build, package, and test applications with continual integration workflows

Greasing the SaaS release pipeline: Proven DevOps enablement strategies for Software companies to optimise CI/CD pipelines in Microsoft Azure


To remain relevant and competitive, Software companies need to deliver applications at pace. With technological advancements coming at speeds not seen historically, managing application development and releases through outdated and rigid development approaches will hinder organisational success.

This eBook aims to provide Software companies like you with valuable insights based on our experience optimising and managing DevOps workflows for reputed Software companies and SaaS businesses across the world.


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